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We established our shop in 1946 in Osaka’s Yamanouchi 6th district, embracing the traditional local atmosphere. While we operate as a small shop, we are grateful for local and out-of-town customers who seek our remaking services.

Kimono holds great significance as attire for life’s important events. We strive to make these moments special and are thankful to contribute to our customers’ cherished memories. We also propose ways to repurpose treasured kimono even if they can’t be worn.

Considering pressing environmental issues, we align with the SDGs’ 12th goal: “Responsible Production and Consumption.” Our services like “Shikai” (maintenance) and remakes aim to sustain kimono and bring joy. Kimono not only brightens special days but also stands as a sustainable legacy for future generations. We’re committed to this cause despite our small size, aiming to bring smiles to all through our work.

The shop’s logo: “Mitsumochi Ai Shippo”


The origin of the Shippo pattern comes from four overlapping circles forming a continuous design. The term “Shippo” refers to four sides or directions, symbolizing the expansion in all directions. It is said that the four directions combine to create the term “Shippo.” Due to its circular shape, it also signifies completeness and harmony. In Buddhist context, it represents treasures like gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, coral, agate, and pearls. We chose this emblem with the imagery of radiating a charm similar to treasures in all directions, like a circle of completeness.

Additionally, in our logo, each circle carries its own significance. The top circle represents our customers, while the two supporting circles symbolize craftsmen and our store. The craftsmen and our store join hands to support our customers, symbolizing our dedication to work sincerely together for our customers’ benefit.



Founded in 1946.


I am Yuka Konishi, the third generation of Seikyo. Transitioning from a corporate job, I learned kimono through direct interactions with craftsmen and formal training. Wearing kimono daily for work, I’ve experienced both success and failure, aiming to share authentic stories. I value kimono’s role in connecting families and hearts, hoping people realize its power to bring happiness. I’m dedicated to preserving its essence and sharing its joy.

Business Activities

Our shop specializes in various services. We offer maintenance to ensure that kimono stays beautiful and wearable for a long time. Additionally, we repurpose kimono fabric to create items like umbrellas, bags, and interior decorations, preserving their intrinsic value. We also provide a range of fashionable kimono accessories for those who enjoy incorporating kimono into their style.

Store Information

  • Business Days: Tuesday to Saturday
  • Business Hours: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Closed Days: Sunday, Monday, and Public Holidays
  • Address: 6-8-12 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 542-0012, Japan
  • Telephone: 06-6761-6764

Since our establishment in 1946, we have been engaged in the business of traditional Japanese attire, known as kimono. We take pride in sharing the rich heritage of kimono, a quintessential part of Japan’s cultural tradition. It would bring us great joy to introduce the splendor of Japanese kimono traditions to people from around the world.